This thing happened last night. Two people, both odd in very different ways, happened to get slightly intoxicated before they came together to record a podcast. A podcast already known for its random and chaotic thought processes.

This was episode 24. Avid listeners may ask what happened to episode 23. That’s simple.

We let loose a bit, and ended up with an “explicit” tag. It’s no worse than the things that WallMart shoppers can be heard yelling at their kids, though. No offense to WallMart shoppers.

Topics include:

  • Trying to define journalistic integrity in light of the Sony hack
  • A recap of the “Cat guy runs a pit bull rescue” origin story
  • Collecting sadness in plastic pitchers
    • Augmenting said sadness with distilled beverages
  • A How-To guide for condemning yourself to a horrifying afterlife just by watching television
  • Horrifying web design that’s obviously Obama’s fault
  • Gopher, your first BBS, and of course…
  • Taylor Swift

Apologies to Lisa Bettany and Pete Cashmore for not noticing that their lives had taken separate paths. That will make more sense if you go listen to Episode 24.

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