I’m happy to have PopClip from Pilotmoon as a sponsor this week. PopClip has become one of my favorite utilties on my Mac, and I feel lost without it.

PopClip is a Mac utility for working with selected text. It appears whenever you highlight text using your mouse, offering immediate access to tools and transformations relevant to the selection.

What kind of tools? Anything you can think of, from the simplest actions like copy and paste, web search and spelling correction to workflow-boosting integrations with popular apps, web services, and your own custom scripts.

PopClip comes with a set of built in actions that make it useful out of the box. From there, you can choose from over 100 ready-made official extensions, as well as ingenious creations from certain talented developers. And with a little scripting skill, you can you can make your own extensions, implementing almost any idea you can come up with.

PopClip is $4.99 on the Mac App Store and you can download a free trial on the developer’s website.

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