Thanks to Hack Reactor for sponsoring this week.

Hack Reactor is a 12-week immersive JavaScript-focused coding school located in San Francisco and touted by many as the “Harvard” of its kind. After a successful first Hack Reactor Remote Beta, they have recently announced two new cohorts of their online course. Apply for your chance to join the Hack Reactor community and become an Engineer.

Their team of exceptional instructors & staff work with a two-fold mission to empower people and transform education through rapid-iteration teaching. Throughout the program, Hack Reactor Engineers gain the skills and confidence they need to build amazing products allowing graduates to become tech influencers who write books, win hackathons, speak at conferences, and of course, get jobs at top tech companies.

With classes beginning October 27th & December 8th and recommended application deadlines of September 29th and November 10th, respectively, apply today and take their exceptional Remote Beta program from wherever you are!

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