Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: PDFpen for iPad (Aug 14th)
A big thanks to PDFpen and Smile for their continued support. PDFpen for iPad lets you do amazing things with PDFs while you’re on the go. Check it out.
Shell tricks: A time to kill (Aug 15th)
Following up on my post about the open command, here are some tricks for doing the opposite.
‘Delight is in the Details’ winners (and discount!) (Aug 18th)
Check the post for a coupon worth 25% off your own copy of Delight is in the Details.
Loadbar for Übersicht (Aug 19th)
I’m having a lot of fun with Übersicht this week. Check out my first attempt, and stay tuned for more.
Keybindings that everyone should have (Aug 20th)
Don’t be scared, adding ease and convenience to your everyday typing is just a few lines of code away.
Overtired #9 and Systematic #110
On Overtired this week, Christina and I got real with talk about our own struggles with depression and the stigmas surrounding mental illness. It gets lighter right after it goes completely black.
John Roderick joined me for Part II of his tale on Systematic #110. Definitely a must listen.

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