Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: MindNode 3 (Aug 7th)
A big thanks to MindNode for sponsoring this week. If you’re looking for an elegant mind mapping solution for iOS and Mac with great sync, this is it.
At least it’s not a telethon (Aug 8th)
Thanks to everyone who’s helped out by offering some monthly support for the writing I do here!
ezsnippets for Marked 2, text expansion on the fly (Aug 8th)
A preprocessor script for Marked 2 (and a standalone System Service) that allows you to create TextExpander-style abbreviations on the fly while writing long pieces.
Clarify for Markdown blogging (Aug 11th)
Clarify for Mac has recently added some excellent Markdown support and become a truly powerful tool for Markdown nerds into blogging and creating documentation.
‘Delight is in the Details’ giveaway! (Aug 13th)
Jump in now and enter for a chance to win “The Complete Package” of Shawn Blanc’s ‘Delight is in the Details!’

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