Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: Backblaze (Jul 24th)
Big thanks to Backblaze for sponsoring this week. Back it all up offsite, inexpensively and automatically.
An unsolicited GeekTool showcase (Jul 28th)
I didn’t get a lot of blogging in this week, but I somehow found time to tweak my GeekTool desktop. Priorities askew.
The Tower 2 giveaway (Jul 30th)
This just started today and runs for a week. If you’re a coder and you don’t already have Tower 2, get in on this.

While not blogging this last week, I got close to finishing a new (very simple) app. This. I’ll unveil it once I decide how I’m going to sell it.

I also have a brand new version of Marked waiting in the wings, with some exciting news about Ulysses integration and… you’ll see.

Systematic is late this week, but an episode with MacSparky is in editing and will be out very soon. Overtired is on schedule for tomorrow!

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