Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: PDFpen for iPad (Jun 12th)
With the addition of Transporter support, PDFpen for iPad is better than ever. Thanks to Smile and PDFpen for sponsoring this week!
Fast, fuzzy directory navigation for Tag Filer (Jun 12th)
For users of my Tag Filing system, here’s a fast way to jump around your tagged folders from the command line.
Web Excursions for June 13th and June 17th
Lots going on out there on the web these days…
Systematic 101 with Jordan Cooper (Jun 18th)
I had Jordan Cooper, a comedian, punk rocker, and great guest on Systematic this week.
Training Dragons and dispelling myths (Jun 18th)
Off the beaten path for me, but I shared some thoughts on positive reinforcement (clicker) training and the myth of the Alpha dog.

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