Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: Doxie Portable Scanners (Jun 5th)
A big thanks to Doxie and their line of amazing portable scanners for sponsoring this week.
Systematic 99 with Dave Hamilton and Moisés Chiullan (Jun 5th)
Episode 99 of Systematic was broadcast from WWDC at New Relic studios with an unprecedented number of special guests (I’ve never had more than one…).
Even better random filenames (Jun 9th)
It started here with a script that used the Aspell dictionary to create random combinations of words, but grew into one that specifically combined an adjective and a noun to create humorous-but-memorable filenames.
Systematic 100 with Merlin Mann (Jun 10th)
The 100th episode of Systematic went live this week with one of my favorite guests. Don’t miss it!

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