Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: Dream Hosting (May 15th)
Thanks to this week’s sponsor, Dream Hosting, for helping to support Great support, 99.9% uptime and one-click installs make it a solid and affordable web hosting choice.
tmux even easier: tm with fuzzy completion (May 15th)
Last week I introduced a shell script that would automatically connect to/create tmux sessions by name. This script adds fuzzy tab-completion for the easiest command line tmux experience!
iThoughts updated for extra awesome (and iOS 7) (May 20th)
iThoughts for iOS updated this week with a Universal release, an iOS 7 redesign and more new features than you can shake a stick at. Check it out.
The new DuckDuckGo (May 21st)
My favorite search engine pushed their new look and features live this week. Take it for a spin and see why you don’t have to give your info to Google.
Systematic 97 with Phillip Broughton (May 21st)
This was an intensely interesting episode of Systematic. Be sure to catch it!

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