It’s been a busy week. If you listen to Systematic, you probably know why…

Sponsor: PDFpen Scan+ (May 8th)
A huge thanks to Smile for their continued support. PDFpen Scan+ is an amazing iOS app that turns your mobile device into a document scanner, complete with OCR!
Install SearchLink without the Terminal hassle (May 8th)
SearchLink is one of my projects that I continue to find is the most useful part of my workflow (that I’ve given away for free). It’s now possible to install it with a double-click, with no more Terminal requirements.
Bash and Dash (May 10th)
If you spend time in Terminal, you should probably also be a Dash user. Connect them up!
Making my tmux life easier (May 11th)
A script for tmux users to make creating and switching to sessions and windows an easy task. Watch for the “fuzzy” bash completion script soon!
PopMaker: a PopClip extension generator (May 12th)
It turns out there are a lot of PopClip users who found this as useful as I’d hoped they would. If you’ve ever needed a PopClip extension to search or do basic text manipulation on a selection, this little app puts the power in your hands.
MultiMarkdown upgrades for Marky the Markdownifier (May 12th)
I’m really excited about the updates to Marky. Read up on the page, and then go try it out. Seriously.
Giveaway: 5 codes for Yoink (May 14th)
The Yoink giveaway just started today and runs until Friday. Go enter!
Systematic 96 with Matthew Ward (May 14th)
Another great conversation on Systematic, this one with writer Matthew Ward, who’s also a PhD in Computational Biology.
up: fuzzy navigation up a directory tree (May 14th)
An update to the bd utility by Vigneshwaran Raveendran. Fuzzy, case-insensitive matching for jumping to any location above the current folder in Terminal.

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