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AppleScript to close iCal Alerts
I have been meaning to figure this out. When you get a slew of notifications in OS X 10.8+, you have to dismiss them one at a time by clicking “Close.” I miss Growl’s Option-click-dismiss-all, but this solves the problem in most cases (some notifications refuse to be dismissed for me, and others take multiple executions of the script). Add a hotkey with FastScripts or run it from a launcher for instant notification clearing.
Photo Geotag Tools
Great script from Evan Lovely that lets you run whereisthis photo.jpg and open Google Maps to the location the photo was taken (assuming it has location data). Also available as an Alfred workflow.
Find out what’s keeping your Mac awake
Good tip for those annoying times when your Mac just won’t sleep and you can’t figure out why.
Jeet Grid System
A Sass grid system for web designers which allows for more “human” syntax and less nesting of elements.
Towards a Better App Store
A well-considered list of actionable items for improving Apple’s App Store. Via MacStories.

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