I’m pleased to have ReadKit sponsoring BrettTerpstra.com this week. I love sponsors whose products I use every day, and this is one of them.

ReadKit is an RSS reader for Mac with support for Feedly, NewsBlur, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, Fever, and with good, old-fashioned RSS feed handling built in. The Fever support covers any Fever-compatible service (I’m using it with mnmlrdr).

ReadKit also covers the “read later” and bookmarking services with support for Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard and Delicious. Share your favorite finds through Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, Email, iMessage and Evernote.

One of ReadKit’s outstanding features is Smart Folders. Set up folders that scan across all of your RSS feeds for articles matching criteria you set, whether it’s searching titles, looking for keywords in the text or matching tags. You can filter by service, url, date and more. I find them very effective for tracking articles on specific topics of interest and reading them all in series.

Did you find a long read you like and want to focus on it? Hit ⌘⇧L and the sidebars all disappear, leaving just you and your reading material. There are four different color themes (including light on dark) with adjustable fonts and sizes for very pleasurable reading. You can load the original page for an article and open any other links directly in the reading window (or in your browser, if you like), and you’re always only one click away from a Readability view.

ReadKit lets you customize every keyboard shortcut, and you can customize sync, notification, and display settings separately for each service you add. There’s even code highlighting for the nerds!

ReadKit is available on the Mac App Store, and you can learn more at ReadKitApp.com.