MindMeister, my favorite online Mind Mapping application, now has a Google Docs add-on available. It can take any bullet list in your document and turn it into a mind map embedded in the document. No MindMesiter account is required to use it.

Visit the add-on store to install the add-on, then just select a bullet list and choose Add-ons -> MindMeister -> Insert as mind map. It works best if you select all the way down to a blank line below the bullet list. It inserts the new mind map into the list, so you’ll probably want to remove the bullet list itself after running it, and turn off the bullet list on the mind map to outdent it.

While you don’t have any control over the map after it’s inserted, it’s a very nice way to add visual interest and convey ideas in a non-linear fashion.

Here’s MindMeister’s tutorial video showing the add-on in action:

YouTube Video

Very cool stuff from a mind mapping platform that just keeps getting better. Check out MindMeister.com for more information on MindMeister itself.