Note: This now has a Project page.

You may recall my iTunesIcon app that lets you easily search for and pull an icon from any App Store (Mac or iTunes) app. I posted a minor update recently that I forgot to mention: you can now specify the size of the returned icon.

To choose a small (160px), medium (512px) or large (1024px+) icon, use a tilde (~) followed by “s”, “m”, or “l”. For example, to grab a medium size icon for the iPad version of OmniFocus, I would use:

omnifocus ~m #ipad

It will default to the largest size if you don’t specify.

That is all. The gist is updated with the latest code, and you can download the standalone app below. I also have a version for LaunchBar (that I prefer to the app). If there’s any interest in that, leave a comment and I’ll get something posted.

ItunesIcon v2.4

An application for quickly retrieving the high-res icon for any Mac or iOS apps.

Published 02/15/14.

Updated 09/01/21. Changelog

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