I’ve always said that I’m the most productive when I let myself work on what I feel like at the moment. Since leaving my day job, I’ve felt like working on everything. I’ve actually been a little scattered, but I’m getting into a groove.

I recorded a Systematic with Marco Arment last night which will be up later today. We talk at length about freelancing and indie development, among many other topics.

I’ve been working hard on Marked 2, refining a few features and getting ready for the App Store. I have a few kinks to work out in that area, but I think my February projection will be easy to meet.

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who’s shown their support by subscribing to this blog. I’ve added a new option today through Memberful that will let you sign up with a credit card and avoid PayPal, if you prefer. If you want to help support my mad science, please do visit the Support page.

One benefit of Memberful is that I’ll have a completely private email list (they will never email you, only I can) that I can eventually use to provide subscribers with additional content of some sort… should I manage to find the time. I’m supposed to be able to sleep nights now that I have days free to work, but I have yet to see how that works out. Time will tell.