This is not a sponsored post, it’s a PSA about an awesome deal from an awesome service.

This site and a couple others of mine are hosted on a colocated Mac mini on a rack in Las Vegas. I have free reign over the box through VNC and SSH. Macminicolo provides the hosting, support and maintenance of the hardware, and I’ve loved working with them. The transfer and response times are amazing, the customer support is outstanding and the only 5 minutes of downtime I’ve had in the six months since I switched this website from Dreamhost was because I foolishly crashed my remote mini doing a software update in the middle of the day. Brian had me back online in minutes.

I’m not an IT guy and I’m horrible at network stuff. I’ve heard plenty of neckbeards1 complain about OS X as a server platform, but I’ve never had as much fun managing a remote server as I have with a colocated Mac mini.

I thought I should share the love and mention that there’s an awesome promo going on right now. In celebration of the release of Mavericks, you can colocate a Mac mini for $10/month for the next nine months, with no setup fee. If you’re in a position to spare a Mac mini and could make use of your own Mac-based server on a 100mb/s up/down connection, it’s a great deal.

Check out the details of the package, and tell ‘em I sent you.

  1. It’s ok when we say it.