For those of you using the memmeter.rb Geeklet to display your top RAM processes on your Desktop, I’ve updated the script located here with a version compatible with Mavericks and Ruby 2.0.

If you’re wondering, it’s a tiny edit on line 37 to split the lines into an array before filtering them. string.each used to do that for me, but it needs to be explicit in Ruby 2.0. You may run into this with some of my other scripts, so if you see an error like:

undefined method `each' for #<String:0x007f93cd06a3e8>

when running any of my scripts, you can probably just look for a line like input.each and change it to input.split("\n").each to fix it.

While I’m offering fixes you can do at home, I should also mention that the syntax I used for case statements in older scripts has been fully deprecated and will now break on Mavericks. It looked like this:

when /(\At\Z|\Ath([^lx]|\Z))/i: 'things'

The colon is the only real issue. Reformat lines like that to look like:

when /(\At\Z|\Ath([^lx]|\Z))/i

and all will be well. I’m working my way through broken scripts as I find them. Slogger is under way. If you have any pressing needs, feel free to tweet or ping me and I’ll add them to the list. Turns out that I put out more stuff than I can support…