I made a few changes and additions to my PopClip extensions early this morning. The GitHub repo is current and the project page is updated.

First, I updated the OpenURLS extension to better handle finding urls without a protocol (www.google.com, no “http://”). It does a pretty decent job of figuring out what’s a link and what’s not. I also added a new feature: hold down Option to fix urls broken by hard-wrapped lines. This was an issue I kept running into on old CocoaDev forums, where the email processor would split a URL in half, making it unclickable. Now I can just higlight both lines, hold down option and click the OpenURLS button to join the halves together before parsing.

I also duplicated the OpenURLS extension to a CopyURLS extension, which does the exact same thing (with the Option add-on), but puts the detected urls in your clipboard instead of opening them. A plain list, separated by newlines, no Markdown stuff.

Lastly, I can’t remember who suggested this, but it sounded like fun to create a regex for. It’s called “FixPoorlyObscuredEmails,” and it takes “dan AT danssite DOT com” and turns it into dan@danssite.com. It handles a dot in the middle of the username, and multiple dots in the server address. As a bonus feature, if you hold down Option, it will create a new email in your default application for all detected addresses. This works even in fields you can’t edit (e.g. in a Tweet), so you can create emails quickly from social applications and the like1.

That’s all for now. If you’re a PopClip user, check out the full details for the package on the project page. You won’t regret it.

Brett's PopClip Extensions v1.45.2

A few PopClip extensions for Markdown writing and other useful tools

Published 11/30/14.

Updated 02/07/23. Changelog

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  1. I’ve just handed the spammers the regular expression to harvest your “protected” email address that you tweet around. Now they’ll be unstoppable. Also, your dog’s name in 1337 isn’t going to keep the bad guys out for long. Somehow this footnote ended up being a 1Password plug…