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That’s right, Web Excursions two days in a row. It’s been a nice, quiet weekend and I’ve had a little extra time to explore…

I missed this when it was new, but I’m glad I found it now. It’s such a handy plugin, especially for web designers. It displays pixel dimensions and file size for any image you QuickLook (including qlmanage -p from the command line).
Test Internet Connection Speed from the Command Line
A handy trick for testing your network speed from the command line. I’ve already forgotten where I found this, so I apologize for the lack of attribution.
A slick web-based tool for local or cloud git repositories which simplifies managing a repo. It offers a drag-and-drop interface for working with branching, merging, commiting, etc. Node.js-based and very pretty.
Tear-able Cloth - CodePen
Holy S@#T, this <canvas> demo is amazing.
PRSM - The Sharing Network
Via @viticci with a hat tip to Stephen Hackett, a humorous but sobering take on the social… everything.

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