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Via Alex Krivov, a utility to color output streams on the command line based on regular expressions. Lots of options and color mapping available, and it can assign different colors to numeric values.
Achieving Inner Shadow
My friend Caylan is just picking up Cocoa and Objective-C right now, but he’s already tearing it up. He had a good head start as a programmer by trade, but it’s amazing what he’s done in a few nights of hacking. He’s beginning to share his exploits at semireg.com and this first post is a great one on achieving a dynamic inner shadow on text, complete with sample code and a working demo app.
I’m loving this Chrome extension. Take windows full of tabs and turn them into projects, complete with tasks and permanent bookmarks. Then open and close entire projects at will. Works really well with the way I browse.
I just read two long articles from my backlog with full comprehension using this simple app from Mutahhir Ali Hayat. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do that.

Mutahhir is working on some very cool features for Slicereader right now, and I have high hopes that this becomes a commercial application.

Introducing PlexConnect

“…an AppleTV client which Thinks Different”

The goodness of Plex without jailbreaking your Apple TV. Via Dan Peterson.

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