I took a minute to clean up some styling on Cheaters. The League Gothic font wasn’t looking very good on my new monitor, and I decided just to clean everything up a little. You can’t just go changing one font without changing all of them, right?

I also added a cheat sheet for Siri. I added it to the demo, in case you just want to read it without installing Cheaters. Full credit for the sites I gathered the commands from at the bottom of the cheat sheet.

I know it’s not the most useful thing in the world; how often are you sitting at your laptop or desktop when you want to use Siri? Still, I’d spent some time exploring and needed a way to practice the various command syntaxes so that I’d be able to use them without thinking so much after I hit the button.

All of the code is up on Github, and there are instructions for getting started with Cheaters on the project page.