Slogger has had a couple of small but important updates this week. You can update from GitHub manually or using git (if that’s how you installed it). You can overwrite everything, but if you’ve customized your plugin setup, you’ll need to move plugins around again to enable/disable them, overwriting with the new versions.1

BlogLogger fixes

BlogLogger now handles errors more gracefully, works with a broader range of feed types (including Atom) and is finally working on my Jekyll blog again. I went ahead and moved the updated plugin to the stable branch, but if you run into any trouble, please let me know.

Better video support

BlogLogger will now also convert any embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos into a format that Day One can preview automatically. It’s finally making use of the great feature the Day One folks added a while back!


TwitterLogger now handles retweets. See your config file for the new option after the first time you run it. That is all.

Enjoy the updates and please report any issues on GitHub.

  1. In order to preserve your configuration, copy the files into folders manually instead of overwriting the whole folder. You can also just copy your slogger_config file out, replace the folder, move any plugins necessary and put slogger_config back in place.