Links of interest from November 28, 2012 through December 11, 2012:

1Password 4 for iOS: Coming Soon to an App Store near you
I have seen it. It is good. Scratch that. It’s awesome.
The Silver Searcher
Faster text searching from the command line. Seriously, it’s fast (faster than ack). Installable via homebrew.
I linked this over a year ago, but just now got around to figuring out how to compile it (you can install it via MacPorts, but…). After installing qt and xapian via homebrew and editing a configuration file, it compiled flawlessly and is currently indexing my drive. There’s already enough indexed to do searches with full query syntax, so I’ve been playing. It can scour epubs, pdfs, even zip and tar archives. Color me impressed. Warning, though, it’s ugly as all get out. Qt… go figure.
A very nice reincarnation of the bootstrap-editable plugin for jQuery. Allows popup and inline editing of fields, selections and textareas with an Ajax backend for database updates.
See how long a given process has been running - Mac OS X Hints
This could also be used to kill a long-running process without having to poll as much. Nifty trick.