Links of interest from August 29, 2012 through September 5, 2012:

Migrating to Obj-C Literals - Jeremy W. Sherman
A cool script for tops that—if nothing else—demonstrates the ability of this command line tool to make sweeping substitutions across a codebase.
Holy cow, this is the HTML slide presentation app I’ve been looking for. Now to write a Sublime package to generate slideshows from pure Markdown files…
OtherBrowser - elastic threads
I use (the apparently unmaintained) Choosy for this, but Elastic Threads offers up a simple solution for sending urls between Chrome and Safari easily. As an added benefit, it registers url handlers that you can use to open urls in specific browsers from the command line and other scripts.
You Can’t Do Your Job if You Don’t Sleep
I dislike sleeping. I like sleep, I just don’t like sleeping. And I dislike studies that tell me how bad that is for me. Nonetheless, bookmarked.
Turn URLs and Webpages Into PDFs In Your Dropbox
This is fun. Federico is such a nerd.