Back To Mail logoThe Back to Mail promotion running right now has some great plugins for users. I always come back to Apple Mail after trying the other (admittedly great) apps on the market. The two reasons for that are overall system integration (AppleScript, mostly) and the plugins that are available. Pretty much every plugin I’ve used and loved is on sale for 50% off, thanks to this promo.

  • Letter Opener Pro (process winmail.dat files)
  • Signature Profiler (maintain multiple signatures)
  • MailTags, MailActOn and Perspectives (I wouldn’t want to live without InDev’s stuff)
  • ForgetMeNot (attachment reminder)
  • Take Control of Apple Mail (book)
  • EagleFiler (archive Mail messages, plus a crapload of other info management features)
  • Attachment Tamer (fixes a bunch of annoyances with Apple Mail attachments)
  • SpamSieve (the best local solution to spam)
  • MailHub (easy manipulation of messages for filing and deleting)
  • DockStar (multiple Dock icon badges for different inboxes)

If you use, check out the Back to Mail promo. You can pick just the apps you want, every one of them half price.