Links of interest from August 12, 2012 through August 17, 2012:

Command Line Tutorials - Sed & Awk
Because it’s never too late to learn the classics. Like my great grandfather always said, string manipulation on the command line is an essential skill for anyone tooling around in the shell.
Blogging from stdin
I’ve been working along the same lines as Dr. Drang, but also trying to port as much functionality as I can from the Blogsmith Bundle to more universally accessible utilities. My next step is a static site, though, so the actual posting utilities are going to get a lot simpler for me.
Already having fun with this as a replacement for my old HomeControl script. The iOS companion is free.
CSS Style Guides
A great collection of CSS styleguides by Chris Coyier.
Path Completion (bash)
The FIGNORE tip in here is, for me, awesome. Thanks Allan.