Photo of the Kinder Surprise

That’s right, got its hands on a Kinder Surprise. Illegal to sell in the US, this Italian technology is difficult to procure. Our UK connections smuggled the confection back for us, and we’re bringing you the exclusive unboxing.

This is what happens when nerds have a date night that doesn’t involve movies. Aditi isn’t a computer nerd. She’s a nerd, but she nerds out on animals and books more than her iPhone. While looking for a project we could spend some time together on, I showed her an iPhone unboxing video. I personally think unboxing videos are ridiculous. It only took Aditi a few minutes of watching painful details of electronics packaging and accessories to agree.

Our friends Joe and Lizz brought us Kinder Surprises back from their trip to Europe. We decided to unbox one. There are surprises in the video for more than just kinders.

Aditi stars as the nerdy unboxer, I run A/V. Made on an iPad using iMovie and iStopMotion.

YouTube Video