Links of interest from July 25, 2012 through July 27, 2012:

Launch Center Pro: An Adoption Strategy For Those Having Trouble Adopting It
Great post from Brett Kelly on Launch Center Pro. I’m in the same boat, but it’s catching on for me. I moved all of the apps I put into it to my last page so that I would be forced to start changing my muscle memory. Glad to say it’s working, we’ll see if it becomes as indispensible as it initially seemed it would.
Wanna see something cool? Spend the $3 on WriteUp (a Markdown text editor I reviewed way back when) and check out the keyboard swipe gestures for moving the cursor and selecting text. It’s ridiculously awesome.
If you’ve been waiting on me to learn enough Python to make something grand out of the MarkdownEditing package for Sublime Text 2, it could be a bit. Luckily, Muchenxuan Tong has done exactly the things I wanted to accomplish: smart lists, table formatting, header navigation… and then some I hadn’t even considered yet: Pandoc integration and section folding based on headers. It’s awesome and it works well right alongside MarkdownEditing. Get it.
For years Growl has been one of the first apps I install on a new Mac. I didn’t think notification center would beat it down so quickly, but Hiss just added another nail to the coffin by providing a bridge between Growl-enabled apps and Notification Center with no extra hassle. The app icon doesn’t show up (yet), but it works like a charm. I’m told the Growl developers have something similar up their sleeve… which would be pretty cool.
Small app to allow txmt urls to open Sublime Text 2 instead of TextMate. I hacked this to also handle a subl scheme as well in the hopes that this will be added to ST2 eventually. I’ll take my chances.