Links of interest from July 1, 2012 through July 2, 2012:

OmniFocus and Calendar Notifications
Federico Viticci over at Macstories dives into solving a nagging issue with OmniFocus. Beautiful.
Now a year old, Google+ still has missing features, unfulfilled promises, and a staggering lack of social media understanding — David Chartier
David Chartier expounds on what’s wrong with Google+. I find the idea of G+ intriguing, but I can’t even bring myself to try to maintain a social presence there. A good read if you feel like quantifying your disappointment.
Media Queries
A gallery site with some good inspiration for your next responsive design.
Toggle Element State with Chrome and Firefox
Whoa, handy. If you work with CSS, this is a great tip for using tools you already have.
Future Acorn 3.3 Tricks
Gus Meuller is adding a feature to Acorn that allows Layercake-style export of multiple images sizes based on layer group names. I love it.