I’ve been meaning to make a list of some of my favorite Sublime Text 2 packages for a while now1. The following is far from a complete list of the plugins I’ve played with or currently have installed, but they’re a few that struck my fancy and have stayed in my packages list for the long haul. Some are more complex or useful than others, but they’ve all added to my list of reasons that I really dig Sublime Text 2.

All of these plugins are available through Package Control, and if you’re using/trying out Sublime Text 2, you really need to have Package Control installed. There’s a treasure trove of tools available through it. In no particular order, here are some of the gems I’ve found…

  • Gist

    Create public and private gists from documents or selections, and open, edit and update gists from your account. You can add multiple files and all kinds of other nifty gist tricks right from within your editor.

  • ZenCoding

    It’s zen-coding for Sublime Text 2. If you’re not already a fan of this HTML abbreviation engine, check it out.

  • SublimeTweet

    Read your timeline and send tweets without leaving your editor. Not the most productive plugin, but well done.

  • AutoSemiColon

    This one takes some getting used to. If you type a semicolon from within a pair of quotes or brackets, it intelligently (usually) moves the semicolon outside of the pair. If you like it at first, you’ll get used to it and come to love it. If not, you’ll probably always hate it.

  • ChangeQuotes

    Swap single and double quotes for the current scope. Need I say more?

  • MarkAndMove

    Add multiple “marks” (bookmarks, a la vim) and rotate between them, with the option to select them all at once with multiple cursors.

  • Anypreter

    Runs your selection or an entire document through an appropriate interpreter without having to save the file. Especially handy for me with quick Ruby scripts and testing.

That’s it for right now. I think I have around 30 packages installed and am constantly culling them to see what’s useful and what’s just bloat… and then adding new ones. As I play more, I’ll share more. As always, I love to hear what’s working for you!

  1. Yes, Gabe’s post on Macdrifter spurred me to get this done.