Bags under my eyes

WWDC 2012 is coming to a close. I’m tired, but this week has been great, and exactly what I look forward to all year. See, I don’t go to WWDC, I bum around on the outskirts, blogging, meeting devs, seeing apps and drinking beers with great people. And it’s been a lot of all of that (the latter declining in frequency as the week wore me down).

I’ve seen a couple more “upcoming” apps and releases that I can’t really talk about yet. That’s ok, I like having a few secrets. I don’t think it would get me in trouble, though, to mention that Dan Peterson has put some awesome work into the upcoming 1Password release. Beautiful stuff.

I’m heading out tomorrow morning. If you’ve been trying to get in touch with me and have missed me so far, tweet me (@ttscoff) before it gets too late this evening. I may not be up for much at this point, but I’ll certainly make an effort to hang out with as many of the awesome people around here as possible.