Links of interest for May 29, 2012:

xmlformat: XML Document Formatter
In working with RSS feeds for the various sites I work on I often use curl to pull down raw feeds without any of my default browser handlers interfering. This little CLI is easy to pipe the output through and get much, much more readable results (and work better with grep and ack as well).
Available through brew, this little command line utility lets you wait for events from kqueue before proceeding with a script. I’ve been looking for a simple solution like this for a while.
Which hashing algorithm is best for uniqueness and speed?
Because I know you’ve been wondering about this. I have. Maybe I should stop projecting so much.
Rbutr: a browser extension that finds rebuttals to web pages you’re reading
Haven’t tried this yet, but it sounds like something that should be used by any blogger about to link an article.
Screw the power users
“We’re the ones who made computers so hard to use. And we’ve done it by catering to power users…”