I made a small update to the natural language date Service that I put together a while back. I wanted it to handle input formats like “+3” to get a date for 3 days from right now, and to handle adding times to the output if there’s a time-like string in the input.

Now you can use, for example:

  • date +5
  • long +21
  • short tomorrow 2pm
  • date thurs 3:15pm

Just a couple of tweaks because I found I needed them. The download has been updated (see bottom of post), and we’ll call it version 1.1.

p.s. I know I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately, I’ve had my head buried in too many projects. Marked has some fantastic new features, though, including MarsEdit and VoodooPad support, as well as the ability to accept an entire folder as input and always preview the most recently-edited text file. The latter is perfect for nvALT and Jekyll blogs. Lots of writing to do for other projects, too, so there may be some more dead air. I’m not gone, I’m just making stuff.

Convert Date - Natural Language Date Service v1.3

A System Service which takes selected text and parses it into a standard date format, using keywords at the beginning to define which format to use.

Published 06/01/13.

Updated 06/01/13. Changelog

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