Links of interest from March 28, 2012 through March 31, 2012:

Definition Lists versus Tables
Some definitive testing from Jonathan Snook of <dl>, <table> and screen readers.
Create Instagram Filters With PHP
Some very cool tricks with ImageMagick.
Pixa - organizing your images, the easy way
I’ve been playing with this beta photo organizer and it’s pretty awesome. OpenMeta tagging, file reference or library, color detection/sorting and more. I wish for some more advanced search filters, but overall it shows serious promise. Free in beta.
Arthur C. Clarke envisions the Internet
Great video link from Dave Caolo: Arthur C. Clarke’s predictions for today’s computing platforms.
rangy - A cross-browser JavaScript range and selection library
This project is amazing. I banged my head over handling HTML text node selection highlighting for an hour before one more search turned this up. It handles bisecting and merging ranges and crossing nodes, provides an amazing API and took some major headache out of a project for me. Tim Down is my hero today.