I thought a couple of additional discoveries after my LiveReload review yesterday were worth mentioning in a second post. First, Andrey Tarantsov (the developer) stopped by the post and let me know that the planned price is US $9.99 when it gets to the App Store. He’s charging almost exactly what I think will value his work but not freak out potentially valuable customers. I’m excited to purchase the final release.

He also mentioned that–contrary to a statement in my post–the JavaScript method of handling browser updates is quite useful and doesn’t require any browser extensions. You just put a JavaScript snippet in your file and it works in all your browsers.

I put it to the test last night and was floored. I had 5 browsers refreshing all at once, making live CSS modifications on the page… and I had the iPhone Simulator up and running with my work getting the same treatment there as in all of the other browsers. That was cool. A little PHP (or JavaScript) can make the snippet only function in the development environment, so it’s easy to stick in and forget.

There’s a lot more in the pipeline on this one, too. If you design for web and think you’ll be able to muster up $10 when the time comes, by all means you should be trying this out!