Links of interest from March 29 through April 2:

browserling - interactive cross-browser testing in your browser
Really, really nice web-based browser testing. Test most Windows browsers without leaving your awesome Mac browser. Let EC3 run the VMs, I don’t wanna.
drdrang/tedist at master - GitHub
A python script from @drdrang to get us one step closer to an easily distributable/shareable TextExpander snippet format. Goes along with the experiment I did last week. Thanks!
Cloud9 - Your code anywhere, anytime
I have to at least try this out. It could be my future.
Display Guidelines
The freedom (and API) that made Twitter beautiful are already becoming things of the past.
Scrivener… from my POV - yuvi zalkow
What a great screencast. If you love Scrivener, or are wondering why everybody else does, here you go.