Links of interest from March 7 through March 12:

Ruby for Newbies: Working with Directories and Files
Good overview of the basics of Ruby file and directory handling.
jessegrosjean/DropboxSync - GitHub
An iOS framework for incorporating Dropbox in a way that allows it to perform like it does on other operating systems. Thanks Jesse!
WordPress Upgrade Class for Commercial or Client Plugins – WordPress and Ajax
Work in progress, according to the author, but a great option for WordPress plugin authors for handling automatic updates outside of the main repository. at master from symm/pinboard-backup - GitHub
Even if you don’t need to back up Pinboard bookmarks, the automated use of curl, git and logger get the mind churning, don’t they?
jQuery Form Framework - jFormer
“A form framework written on top of jQuery that allows you to quickly generate beautiful, standards compliant forms.” Very nice.