Links of interest from January 15 through January 20:

Event Delegation versus Event Handling - how to create quicker web apps
Smart stuff, and an optimization that frameworks like jQuery can make really easy to overlook.
A new incarnation of Etherpad, and a slick-looking one at that. Free for public notes, $2/mo for private notes and other features.
Unusual Computer Mice You Probably Haven’t Seen Before
Wow. I had not seen many of these, and there are some really cool ideas in this gallery of unusual mice. After dozens of (often expensive) keyboards and mice, I have found happiness with the Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad combo, but part of me is still always looking…
Script Junkie – Namespacing in JavaScript
A great overview of different namespacing patterns for JavaScript.
Pretty Login URL: a Simple Rewrite API Plugin Example
A short, easy-to-grasp tutorial for writing a 28-line plugin that changes your WordPress login url to /login instead of /wp-login.php using the Rewrite API instead of .htaccess.
TextMate to Vim with training wheels
Great post from the Pug Automatic (a fellow TextMate hanger-on) on MacVim.