Links of interest from December 4 through December 10:

HTML 5 innerShiv
jQuery workaround for an IE html5 issue that a shiv can’t solve. See related gist, too.
25 Tips for Intermediate Git Users : Andy Jeffries
A great "intermediate" guide to Git that was perfect for the level I’m at. If you’ve been using git successfully for a while, but know there’s more to it than you’ve mastered, check this out.
Table Techniques Taught Tastefully (part 3)
NSTableView tricks.
elastic threads Notational Velocity fork
Wish elastic threads would share the source on this one, there are some very cool tricks in there. Check it out!
Pure CSS3 box-shadow page curl effect
Really nice CSS3 method for creating page curls. I think I’ll put this to use in my work-in-progress Times Reader knockoff, Riffle.
Display Your Favourite Music with jQuery &
Now that’s pretty slick.
Plugin To Add Custom Field To An Attachment In WordPress
Lots of possibilities for this technique.
ViMate - a vi plugin for TextMate
Wow, VI modes for TextMate. Now I can actually switch back and forth without messing myself up! It’s a limited subset of commands, but the basic navigation is there. Very cool.