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Links of interest for November 9:

Supersized 3.0 – Full Screen Background & Slideshow jQuery Plugin
It’s been a year, but the esteemed Supersized jQuery slideshow plugin has revved up to 3.0.
Using CSS Text-Shadow to Create Cool Text Effects
Just when I thought I’d seen the craziest things you could do with text shadows in CSS3, Line25 proves me wrong. Some of them are quite elegant, actually, and no crazy code.
CSS Border Radius
An elegant tool for grabbing cross-browser syntax for CSS3 rounded corners. My TextExpander snippets can remember this for me, but it’s great to have an always-available tool.
Zepto.js – the aerogel-weight mobile javascript framework
A <2k JavaScript framework for mobile WebKit browsers. It’s not jQuery, but If you know jQuery syntax, you know Zepto.js.
The Inspiration Stream
A stunning, hand-curated collection of inspiring works, compiled by Veerle.

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