Apparently I missed the memo: TabLinks 2.0 was actually approved by Apple in September. I’ve been sitting on my hands and just recently bothered to write them and ask what was up. Miscommunication, I guess, but it’s live in the updater now, so if you have 1.3 installed, it should update to 2.0. If you have automatic updates turned off, just check the updates section at the bottom of your extensions preferences.

There’s a one-click install available at the Safari Extensions Gallery, or feel free to download it directly below.

For an overview of features in the new version, see the original 2.0 announcement post.

TabLinks Safari Extension v3.0.0

TabLinks gathers all of the link information from every open tab and presents them for copying based on a user-defined template.

Published 06/18/10.

Updated 10/31/16. Changelog

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