I made a couple of minor changes to the Clippable bookmarklet, mostly in the way it handles SyntaxHighlighter code blocks. The SyntaxHighlighter plugin is used (too) often to format and color code source snippets in websites. The result when clipping a page is that the code you get still has line numbers, but no option to view the raw source without going back to the web page. Then you end up manually editing out the line numbers if you want to copy and paste the code, which can be a pain in most cases.

Since the point of Clippable was to deal better with things like code blocks (especially for saving snippets to Evernote), it now removes the toolbar and line numbers from SyntaxHighlighter blocks. It also looks for another common technique: converting lines in code to an ordered list inside of a pre block. This is just blotted out with CSS now. Those are the only two highlighting methods it targets at the moment, but I’ll tackle more as I run into them.

If you already have the bookmarklet installed, you’re already benefitting from these changes (the bookmarklet calls the source scripts on my server, so it is, in essence, automatically updated). If not, just cruise over to the Clippable page and grab it!