Good times at CMH

Well, I’ve been out of touch with a lot of people for the last four days, and I thought I’d save some time and provide a place I could link everyone to for a quick explanation. On Tuesday evening, in the middle of what the weather service is calling our “worst storm in 20 years,” I started having stomach cramps. I won’t go into detail about what followed, but I’ll skip forward to the part where Aditi (my loving and amazingly dedicated wife) packed me into her 4-wheel drive Pathfinder and headed out to Community Memorial Hospital. After a brief survey, I was admitted for observation.

It looks, at this point, like a bacterial Colitis, which essentially just means an inflammation of the colon with bacterial sources, as opposed to sources that might not be curable. That would be an ideal diagnosis at this point, but I have to schedule a colonoscopy next week which will hopefully shed more definitive light on the situation. I sincerely thank everyone who’s been supporting me and sending warm wishes throughout this, and apologize to those I probably should have contacted by now but have been too overwhelmed to do so.

Getting ready for a showerThe photo (click to enlarge) is of me getting ready for my second shower; the bare patches on my chest are where the previous incarnation of the telemetry patches were located. The wrapping on my arm covers the IV site, which effectively disables that arm and leaves me to shower one-handed. Good times.